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Special Offers 

Check here throughout the year for special offerings at Raising Vibrations.


Try Reiki...

I will always say that no words can do Reiki justice, it is something a person has to experience to feel what it can do for them.

At mindfulness fairs, you can 'try reiki' for a small price, but this is normally 10 minutes only, 15 minutes at a push, in a 'public' environment.  Whilst this is great, and is something I do too. - click here for more info!, I don't feel it is a real introduction to how Reiki can make you feel.  I therefore want to offer a full first experience

With that in mind, I am offering your first whole session at a 50% discount! 


So, if you have never had Reiki before, or even if you are a seasoned Reiki receiver but would like to experience a session with me, I am offering this whopping 50% discounted price for your first individual session...


Gold Reiki Session - £30

Silver Reiki Session. £22.50


Gold Reiki Session - £22.50

Silver Reiki Session. £17.50

Book with code TRYREIKI@RV:

Call: 07481 562322 

Email: book a Serenity package of 4 Reiki sessions, Gold or Silver, will receive a 40% discount...

4 x Gold Sessions - normally £200, will be £120

4 x Silver Sessions - normally £150, will be £90

(to be taken within 2 months of booking)

book with code FIRST10




Call: 07481 562322 


The first 10 people - only 2 
opportunities left!

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