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Reiki is available for most people, it always works for a person's greatest and highest good.  However, there is a very small group of health conditions where Reiki would not be appropriate. See *  below for details.


The word Reiki...

Phonetically pronounced 'Ray Kee', is often translated as universal life-force energy - or perhaps a more accurate version is 'spiritual energy' which could be the description of the 'something bigger' that is 'out there'.  Spiritual does not mean religious - Reiki is not connected to any religion, it is available to all regardless of a person's beliefs and faith.


Reiki is actually the amalgamation of two words...'rei' translated as 'sacred', 'soul' or 'spirit', the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe; and 'ki' which is the life-force energy (known by other names such as Prana, Qi and Chi) which flows through every living thing - plants, animals and people.


What is Reiki and how can it help me?

Originating in its current form in Japan in the early 1900s, Reiki is an energy technique for relaxation, to bring about the balance of energy in the body - essentially promoting a person's self-healing capabilities.

It is a nurturing and relaxing experience and always works for the client's highest and greatest good. It can reduce feelings such as stress and anxiety by gently taking a person from stress mode into rest and digest mode, thus raising a person's vibrational energy. This stimulates the body's natural self-healing to kick in and cleanses the body of low vibrational emotions.  

Ultimately the Reiki you receive will work with your body to balance your energies. Typical results are ...

Reduction of anxiety and stress

Calmness being promoted from within

Enhancement of the immune system and the natural healing of wounds - mental and physical 

Detoxification of negative energies

Energy blocks being dissolved

Pain being relieved

Improved overall health

Spiritual growth 

really good night's sleep!



Every client's experience is personal to them, even if the client experiences nothing, the Reiki Energy will have done what their body requires of it.

My Reiki practice unblocks and balances your body's Chakras. These are the 7 main energy centres in the body.














The different Chakras relate to different part of the body as well as emotions.  

Crown Chakra - located on the crown of the head and represents connection to higher consciousness, open mindedness.

Third Eye Chakra - located in the centre of the forehead and represents intuition openness and imagination.

Throat Chakra - located at the centre of the throat/neck and represents the ability to communicate clearly and confidently.

Heart Chakra - located at the centre of your chest and represents love, self-love and connection with others.

Solar Plexus Chakra- located centrally just below the ribcage and represents our self-esteem, personal responsibility and will-power.

Sacral Chakra - located centrally below the belly button and represents our creativity and sexual energies.

Root Chakra - located at the base of the spine and represents our foundation of feeling safe, having security and stability with who we are.


Our energies are constantly changing, therefore each session is unique.

Distant Reiki 


If you are not local to Long Melford or Sudbury then there is always the option of Distant Reiki.



* Medical conditions where Reiki is not available: for people receiving a treatment of chemotherapy (before and after treatment is beneficial) or people with pacemakers.

**Disclaimer: The holistic modalities on this website are not a substitute for medical advice and assistance. They are powerful modalities that can help reset your body's energy to its natural wellbeing. Results are available to everyone, whether or not you believe or understand the modalities; they are not however guaranteed. 

Research into Reiki

Reiki can beautifully complement a medical treatment plan as well as help alleviate the symptoms of many conditions. 

No harm can come from Reiki, it is always given for the highest and greatest good of the receiver. However, many people want to see scientific proof before they will even consider such an option. Such comprehensive, large scale studies are few and far between at the current time; but the effect of Reiki on medical conditions is thankfully starting to be investigated. Below is some further reading you may find interesting.

Is there Science on Reiki? 

by David Hamilton who says: 

When you are in a such heart-focused state, you help people close to you move towards a similar state. I think most of us have probably noticed this in our own lives, either as the one affecting another person, or as the one being affected. There are people that most of us know who have a natural warming presence. You may be one of them! That you come to feel better (mentally and / or physically) around them is known as the ‘natural healer effect.

Reiki practitioners are trained to reach these optimum states when working with clients. Their goal is one of service, in the ‘highest good’ of the client. Their predominant state is empathy.'

A Large-Scale Effectiveness Trial of Reiki for Physical and Psychological Health

Natalie L. Dyer, PhDAnn L. Baldwin, PhD, and William L. Rand

Some specific conditions...

The National Fibromyalgia Association  

Parkinsons Care & Suport UK 

Cancer Research

with Reiki

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My Reiki experience was amazing during and after, I've felt relaxed and peaceful since, even my dentist (whose appointment was on the same day) commented on how relaxed I was!
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