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Flow is my own programme where I utilise my different modalities to really dig in and get your life and your body back into its rightful energy flow. When you start to release and unblock stagnant (and sometimes very old) energies at this deeper level, wellness flourishes in all areas of life; with the added bonus of propelling you forward to start realising goals and dreams, whatever they may be. 


This deep healing within the body shifts energies to improve not just the issue in question, but all areas of your life - because holistic healing is treating you as the whole.

So, if you feel stuck in life, have a reoccurring issue that you just cannot seem to shift, are carrying physical tension or aches; or have absolutely no belief that things can change for you - 'Flow' could be exactly what you need!

In order to get the most out of Flow, there are certain criteria that need to be considered.

Basically, if your heart isn't in it, then you will not reap the benefits you deserve.

Image by Aditya Saxena


The need to be willing to be open to work that you may never have considered before is essential. Energy work is about having faith in it.

We will be working with your internal energy that is made up of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


You do not have to be spiritual to succeed in this work, but simply have faith and belief that things are shifting before you experience it in 'real' life. 

Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager

Tess Andersen

Art Director

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

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