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A Complimentary Discovery Call can be arranged before committing to any package to see how we fit together


Find out more about spending  3 weeks coaching with me

To Include

3 sessions of 1:1 time

What's App support throughout


Discover the benefits of spending 3 months coaching time with me

To Include

6 sessions of 1:1 time

What's App support throughout

1:1 session with either:

A Qualified Nutritionist

or a Yoga Professional 

15% discount on a distant Reiki package of 4 (valid August-November 2023) 


Learn more about the advantages of 6 months coaching with me

To include

12 sessions of 1:1 time

What's App support throughout
1:1 session with a Qualified Nutritionist  

And a 1:1 session with a Yoga Professional

25% discount on a distant Reiki package of 4 (valid August-November 2023)


Holistic techniques can hugely compliment and enhance any coaching journey to achieve your best life and uncover the very best version of you.

They can also be used as stand alone very effectively.

My Emotion Freedom Technique packages are currently available.


My Promise To You

By a person being open to allowing new ways of thinking, they soon realise just how powerful the human mind is, theirs being no exception!  Life can then have that buzzing and exciting feel to it, by knowing that you are aligned with your true purpose and letting the 'magic' simply happen.

We really do all have access to that magic, and life coaching with me will allow you to find yours - whilst I will provide you with the wand to make your life how you want it.

I therefore promise to you that...

  • I will give you 110% of me, in a dedicated, consistent and confidential safe place in which to explore your mind
  • I will hold your hand through any discomfort of change to enable you to come out the other side
  • I will encourage you not to quit, the value of not continuously starting over is immense
  • I will believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself
  • I will have complete faith in your future self, knowing that anything is possible
  • I will be your personal champion
  • I will bring awareness into your life which will open up new possibilities
Working with Tina has been wonderful, she held space for me to talk and figure out my confusion.  She really helped me work through some big blocks that have been keeping me stuck in my life.  


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