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What do you mean, everything is energy?

Updated: Apr 16

When I discovered the basics of quantum physics - that being that literally everything in the universe is energy and it is all connected, it was difficult to digest. But I sat with it. I love a bit of self- development and this was mind-blowing (and indeed life changing) stuff.

I started to get my head around the fact that this not only means physical objects, such as tables, chairs, cars and buildings are all energy - but also our bodies, including our thoughts, feelings and emotions - wow!

These energies are all vibrating at different frequencies, the heavier and slower the frequency equals the more solid the energy - resulting in it appearing solid - tables, chairs and every other object we surround ourselves with.

Learning that thoughts, feelings and emotions were vibrating energies was a game changer. This started to explain to me why we are 'drained' by some people and feel amazing around others. Have you ever experienced someone enter a room and just 'light it up', you are drawn to them because they make you feel incredible. This happens daily and it is actually their energies intermingling with others - lifting them up because they are vibrating at a light and fast frequency (these people tend to be very comfortable in their own skin, relaxed and happy). You may have also experienced the opposite where a person makes you feel drained, unbeknownst to them they are dragging down your energies because they are experiencing (most likely subconsciously) negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I am so lucky to have discovered the world of holistic energy healing. My Reiki and EFT enables me to aid people to raise their energetic vibrations and shrug off their heavy energies.

I once watched 'The Secret' and whilst I did not deny that the people on this programme had been successful beyond my wildest dreams, I could not compute how the Law Of Attraction worked - however, now I get it...but that is another blog entirely!.

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