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What do 11 men and women, of varying ages, have in common...?

Updated: Jul 9

Yesterday I attended an event where I was offering sample Reiki sessions, just 15 minutes to give people an experience. As always, the Reiki received was gentle, nurturing and beautiful. Bearing in mind we were in a very large events hall, with lots of background noise, music and chattering all around; the lasting impression was feeling chilled and deeply relaxed, with some having more personal insights too. An incredible day.

When I work with Reiki, I can feel where the energy changes in the body, this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the person's health or wellbeing, but it simply is a disturbance in the energy field; either overactive energy, inactive energy or a block. It is treated with Reiki and eases away, releasing what is needed for the person's highest and greatest good. There is a high chance it will be there again during the next session, perhaps presenting slightly differently - thankfully with regular Reiki sessions it will ease more and more as the individual's connection with their energies strengthens and evolves - making it possible and easier for them to put themselves back into balance through awareness.

For me, working 'back to back' with people's energies is very different to a usual day in my Reiki Room; and my senses were therefore heightened to similarities in the I thought I would jot down my thoughts in the hope that it might give a little helping hand to anyone that reads them.

First commonality....the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is the body's most primal and foundational energy centre. It is at the base of the spine and it regulates our energies connected with instinct, survival and safety.

This chakra is one of the most challenged energy centres in humans; as there are so many things we perceive to be outside of our control and they can dramatically affect our feelings of safety and basic human survival. For example, across the world the shortage of food and water, and perhaps more closer to home issues with housing and money struggles.

Despite these individuals yesterday being very different to one another, different sexes, ethnicity, physical build and personalities - the root chakra was very prominant in all. This isn't unusual per say, it is something felt often by Reiki practitioners due to the nature of this particular energy centre, but the way I was working yesterday really highlighted it to me.

So, what does this mean?

We all have different opinions and interpretations of experiences, but I think the general consensus of this is pretty clear.

We are living in a crazy, worrying world and people are scared...really scared; and yet despite this, we have to carry on with our day to day lives.

After a session, I love having a debrief with my client…sharing our experiences enables the client to take away information that they can then compute in their own space and time. My feedback about the root chakra, and their fundamental safety appeared to make a penny drop in all of them - they are living with a level of fear in them, and hadn’t really thought about it. This fear is further compounded by the things we consume; media, social media, television programmes, news, and not least the collective opinions and subconscious fear of others.

None of these people had ever thought about the way that this fear affects the way they react to things going on in their lives - things such as relationships, unexplained lack of energy, anger at the world and so on. We all just live with this ‘stuff’ with the belief there is possibly something ‘not right’ with us (this is yet another layer of thought and worry that will further ruminate inside of us). Having a fresh perspective is always refreshing.


Nope, no conclusion yet, I'm going to talk about commonality number 2...

Afree our discussions about the root chakra and feeling safe, I asked ... do you practice self-care? I emphasised that by this I meant, do you ever STOP, take a moment, breathe and listen to your body? Give yourself a chance to recharge and switch off? Not simply distract. EVERYONE said no! (The fact was, they had just experienced 15 minutes of switching off and deep relax within our Reiki session, and this made them much more open to different perspectives - such as my debrief - interesting…). when I continued I advise you to take some regular time for you, because quite frankly you are important too... these 11 souls struggled to comprehend that without getting upset. Realising the lack of self-care they show themselves - but this is more and more the world that we live in.

We may have many many differences as humans, but the one common theme we all need is love and connection. Love is shown in many different ways from one person to another; here I am focussing on the love we show to ourselves.

So how?

Realising that you are important too is a gamechanger.

A basic human need is connection and we need to be unarmoured to make those connections. When we live a life in fear and anger, we hold onto stuck energies that do not serve us, and can find it difficult to make those genuine connections that we so desperately need because we are in fear of being hurt, so we armour our heart.

We need to not be scared of becoming aware of such stuck emotions; if we learn that emotions are energies and they all need to simply be processed in order to flow through the body instead of getting stuck; it can take much pressure off us.

Learn to stop regularly and listen to both our hearts and our bodies; those aches and pains are trying to communicate with us. Our bodies are way more intelligent than what we give them credit for; they communicate with us daily, sometimes a whisper, sometimes a shout and then occasionally a scream, because we simply haven't listened.

I could go on and on, (and my partner would definitely agree with that!), but ultimately I want to give some practical guidance on how we can balance our root chakra and make ourselves feel safe and loved, in ourselves and in our beautiful world.

Upon going to bed and waking...

place your hand on your heart, and really feel it beating. Tell yourself that you are loved and safe, that the world has your back - imagine if you actually believed that! I do!

Despite everything that is going on in the land of the humans, our world does have our back, we just need to rediscover our faith in it.

Carry out a brief meditation...

a beautiful daily meditation for self-compassion can be found here; or if you have slightly longer time, there is a meditation I would recommend called Twin Hearts.

Ground yourself daily...

get out in nature, bare feet on the earth; or deep breaths into the lower belly, absorbing all the beautiful energy that is in the world to keep us alive. Light up every cell as you breath in, and breath out energies that no longer serve you.

Journal out...

any fears and worries that are out of your control. Journal on 'accepting what you cannot accept' - because the chances are you do not have a choice. So instead make peace with it and it will no longer hold you in fear. Let that shizzle go!

There are many other ways to work on your root chakra...

Root chakra yoga poses, wearing the colour red - the colour that vibrates at the root chakra frequency- , eat plenty of root vegetables (and healthy food in general), say affirmations such as 'I am loved and safe'; 'I am strong, stable and at peace.'

and your self-compassion...

simply give yourself time out, sit still and listen to you, trust in you, have faith that You know what You need - you just need the space to figure it out.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you, you are not a bad person; forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes - reach out and apologise if possible. Lessen your load, and your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

Having awareness of this is a massive first step, the benefits you will quickly start to feel are incredible - the lightness and peacefulness it will bring will astound you. Basically, once you start, you will not want to stop.

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