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It's alright for them.....

Is this a comment you ever say or think when seeing other people being more successful in the area of life that you feel you aren't?

I used to say this about people running businesses, or who had highly paid, successful jobs - it's alright for them...but I never really questioned firstly what is alright for them, and secondly why do I think that?

On speaking with various people recently, and after my recent journey into a more spiritual way of being, I now know that I seriously believed that these others had something about them that I didn't (and could never) possess.

Saying ... it's alright for them.... I can now clearly see that I was simply further justifying my uninspiring position in that area of my life, allowing myself to remain a victim and stay stuck.

So... how did I manage to change my outlook on this?

I firstly recognised that this was a deeply rooted limiting belief passed down to me in my childhood, and passed down through generations before. A belief that 'people like us' work hard but still will only just keep heads above water, that we are not supposed to be successful in our careers and will only ever simply struggle on. This wasn't passed down to me to keep me suppressed or doubt my ability, it was a genuine belief held by previous generations - who had no awareness brought into their world that actually this is self-inflicted limitation. It was there to protect our vulnerability and make sure we keep ourselves 'safe'.

Secondly, by becoming more aware of my own natural path in life, starting to follow a route that lights me up and makes me feel I have a real purpose in this world. With meditation, listening and being aware of my thoughts and feelings - but not letting certain ones automatically govern and direct me. The ones that warn me 'not to step out of my comfort zone', 'not to make myself vulnerable and that failure is a bad thing' and 'it's easier to keep myself safe and remain on the 'struggle on' path.'

I have done so much work on letting old beliefs go; releasing really heavy, negative energies such as guilt, doubt, disappointment, anger using holistic techniques that I am now trained in; and keeping a check daily on my own energies and viewing them with the regard that they deserve.

I am still very much on this journey, which will always have ups and downs, but by continuing to keep my energies balanced, having that awareness and believing in myself, it is a much more exciting journey than it was before!

Keeping our vibrations high is a failsafe way to make bolder and better choices in life and start attracting what you desire in life, rather than just letting life happen to you.

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