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'I liken coaching to magic because quite frankly, it can be!'

Mind, Body and Soul life coaching focusses on raising a person's vibrational energy by bringing awareness to these emotional blocks (including limiting beliefs) and breaking them down.  This then allows a person to tune into their inner magic, discover their purpose and have a calmer, more aligned and magical life.

We are made from vibrating energy, as is everything on planet earth and beyond. The more solid something is, the lower the vibrational frequency.  


When I say 'we', I do not just mean our physical being, but our thoughts, feelings and emotions tooLife can be a rollercoaster of events, both ups (positives) and downs (negatives), to which we subconsciously attach thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The emotions we attach to negative events will be such things as sadness, anger, frustration etc, and these negative emotions have a lower vibration compared to positive emotions (love, happiness, joy etc), and it is therefore denser.


You have probably felt this denser energy within your being at times when you are experiencing negative emotions (in your stomach or chest perhaps when you've felt angry or upset?). A good visual for this is a 'knot' of energy. When these 'knots' are not released, they become embedded further and further within us manifesting as blocks, which can close us down emotionally and can also result in physical ailments.

The Mind, Body & Soul are so closely interlinked and coaching on these 3 elements of life results in a rounded approach,  completely overhauls your outlook on life. My coaching works on the Law of Attraction ethos -  being clear in your direction; becoming aware and removing those blocks; gaining the belief in your own capability; taking inspired action and then allowing the good stuff to happen. This is by no means a religious coaching ethos; simply an acknowledgement that there is something bigger out there (which I call Universal Energy but it can also be known as faith, god, intuition, inner being and so on) that holds something greater than our conscious awareness.

  • Mind - our brain's subconscious mind protects us on a daily basis with boundaries it has created over the course of your life. Its favourite tools are the comfort zone, limiting beliefs and the inner critical voice. Together we will discover where these boundaries are in your subconscious order to find inner calm, quieten the inner critical voice and discover why you do the things you do, even when they appear not to benefit you and hold you back.

  • Body - realising the connection between how you fuel, move and allow your body to rest results in how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally can be quite an eye opener.  I further collaborate with Nutritional and Yoga experts to compliment and advance your Life Coaching journey.

  • Soul - gaining an understanding of the 'higher energy being' that is all around us starts to deepen your understanding about raising your personal energy vibrations, which is pivotal to our coaching journey. Releasing all those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and bring forth the positive, empowering ones. You go from life happening to you, to a place where you decide the life you want!

Once you become aware of, and start working on these 3 elements, you will understand the importance of taking 100% responsibility for your life in order to release emotional energy that weighs you down; naturally start to take the inspired action needed to move your life forwards and be able to surrender to the Universe knowing that the synchronicity will flow.  

Life coaching is about working out what you really want to do in life, and placing focus on it. It brings awareness to how you are living your life and how, with simple shifts and changes, a completely different reality can emerge.

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