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Your mind is beyond powerful and when you tap into it, explore it and become aware of your thoughts,

a whole new magical world opens up.


Using life coaching techniques you are able to deeply explore your mind and figure out ways to change things, overcome problems and create things previously thought impossible. You can seriously achieve whatever it is that brings you joy and it is possible to diminish bad memories, stop bad habits and encourage new healthy ways of living.  It is even more exciting to know that with coaching, these techniques become tools you are able to work with again and again should the need arise.

We will discover the boundaries of your comfort zone, learn how to tune in to your intuition - which is your unique guide in life - bring calmness to the mind via meditation and knowledge as to how your mind really works.



Clarity sessions will be at the forefront of our coaching to get you to zone in, realise and focus on what you really want, to see the light through the mist so to speak.

We often think we know what we want, but our actions disagree - I want to lose weight, but just cannot stop eating chocolate - thought and action is not compatible.  

By gaining real clarity and working with a clear focus, we will be able to tailor your coaching journey to fully align your thoughts and feelings with the right actions for achieving your dreams.


We all have a comfort zone!

This is your subconscious brain kicking in to keep you safe - the little voice inside our head questioning your ability when you decide to do something that stretches you, it may tell you to forget it and just stay nice and safe where you are? 

But by doing this we regress instead of progress, just getting more of the same - never unleashing our true, magical potential. 

By gaining awareness of this, quietening that little voice and having belief in yourself, you will recognise this self-inflicted boundary and kick it to the kerb!

We truly all have the ability to do amazing things in life - things beyond your wildest dreams!

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Have you ever set a goal you want to achieve but there is a power beyond anything explainable trying to push against your efforts?

This unexplainable power is our Limiting Beliefs which have been absorbed into our subconscious mind over time, usually from childhood. They can be so deeply embedded that they feel like they are part of us, which is ultimately not the case.

We will work together discovering what these beliefs are and smash through them so they no longer hold you back.


The suggestion of meditation is thrown about so much as something that aids mindfulness, people dip their toe in and struggle so may discard it.

The impact of using such a simple and accessible tool really should not be under-estimated.  Quietening the mind is crucial to raising your body's vibrations, gaining clarity and inner calm.  A simple, daily practice can literally change a person's life.

Meditation quietens the mind and brings awareness to your intuition, knowing what is right for you. Your intuition is always there, but can often get drowned out by internal and external noise.

As a side note, although I'm sure you would agree it would be wonderful, you don't have to be able to sit cross legged or be in a 'spiritual place' in order to meditate - your own sofa is just fine!



Such a vast subject, but in a nutshell this is the universal law that what you focus on you attract, be it negative (lack) or positive.  

The Law of Attraction is interlinked with a person's vibrational energy - as that is the way we attract what we attract.

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