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EFT is a tapping therapy which offers relief and healing from physical and emotional discomfort.  The tapping is carried out using the principles of acupuncture, whereby you tap on key meridian (energy streams) points in the body whilst focusing on the emotional or physical stresses a person is experiencing.

It is really important to understand how the mind and body are completely interlinked, and events that affect the mind can affect the body if not dealt with, and events that affect the body will affect the mind. There is no separation.

"She's bubbly on the surface but deep down she is really insecure".....


When we experience traumatic events through life (and it is important to note that these traumatic events might be something and nothing but at the time we gave them a meaning), we will go into fight and flight mode (stress mode) to 'protect' us. Our subconscious is all about protection and will remember those 'protective' energies created at the time and store them away ready to drag them back for future triggers.

"I don't know why I feel anxious when that happens"....


Have you had moments of being perfectly fine and then suddenly something happens and you have a rush of emotions making you feel stressed or anxious?  This will mean that you have experienced a trigger (known or unknown) and the subconscious has pulled those energies straight back in ready to protect.

To work with me 1:1 there are two options

A one-off session; this will give you the chance to see how get on with EFT and to work on a specific issue in the moment.

Package of 4 sessions; where we can work on some specific issues that you want to be able to calmly deal with in the moment. This could be pain related or emotional reactions when certain triggers take place. 



Disclaimer: The holistic modalities on this website are not a substitute for medical advice and assistance. They are powerful modalities that can help reset your body's energy to its natural wellbeing. Results are available to everyone, whether or not you believe or understand the modalities; they are not however guaranteed. 


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