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Distant Reiki

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This may sound too strange to be true! but it works!

All energy is connected and therefore Reiki can be given to someone in a different room, town or even on the other side of the world, using a sacred Reiki Distant Symbol.

If you think about it, have you ever been loved by someone so dear and, regardless of where they are, you can feel their love? That is their energy, and because all energy is connected.


10 minutes before your appointment time, I will touch base with you via text/email* to start the session.

I will ask you to settle yourself down somewhere you will not be disturbed for the duration (lay or sit, whatever is the most comfortable for you). 

You then lay back and receive the Reiki starting at the specific appointment time.

Once finished, you then can contact me in your own time to discuss the session (I don't like to call you at the end in case you have fallen asleep).

*method is prearranged


The Reiki is not watered down in anyway or received in a lesser way because of the distance. Some people actually feel it is stronger than in person - everybody's experience differs.

That all being said, to be honest when I first heard about Distant Reiki I was sceptical, I mean how can you not be. I am not here to try and convince anyone that this works; my truth now is that is very much does - and that is from my experiences (both as Reiki practitioner and customer). 

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