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Holistic practices and tools to raise your inner vibrational energy​When we have low vibrations in our body, they are the heavier, denser energies (such as anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness etc). Working on raising your vibrations will invite in the higher, lighter vibrations (lighter energies such as happiness, joyfulness, calmness and so on). Therefore, I strongly believe raising vibrations is crucial to a healthy body, mind and soul.  Once a person is vibrating at a higher frequency, the body's nervous system is more relaxed thus promoting the natural self-healing process within.​My passion is to bring awareness to the mind-body connection and the fact that we have so much control over it; from mindset and thoughts to the way energy flows in our body. I want to empower people to explore their minds and work with their inner energies in ways they have never done before; to discover their inner self and ultimately raise their vibrational internal energies to unleash inner healing power.​With gentle, holistic techniques, energy healing is beyond doubt the way forward in breaking through blocks, attracting what we want into our lives, changing our thought process and increasing our well-being.​We can do that by working with the subconscious mind, breaking old internal energies and patterns to promote growth and provide freedom from stagnant life issues. ​​

Holistic Coaching
Is it time to start a love affair with yourself?

Our fundamental needs are to feel loved, safe and secure.

Do you ever feel that you have to be everything to everyone?

You often walk on eggshells around certain people to keep them happy?

You struggle with your boundaries and saying no, because you don't want to upset anyone?

That if you're not doing something, then you are being lazy and have no worth in the world?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are in the right place....

Paper Heart

When we love, or even better actually really like, ourselves, we no longer need validation from the outside world; this outside world being a place where so much happens that is totally out of our control.  

Being reliant on external validation such as this results in you never truly being content, happy or relaxed - because this external acceptance/validation could all change just like that - and there is nothing you can do about it.


What does this mean?  To start it means that you no longer feel that you only mean something if you are doing something for someone; that if people do not adore you there is something wrong with you. Thus resulting in you constantly craving more from people and things - chasing your next high (which could be buying clothes, people pleasing or keeping busy to needing external stimulation such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs).


Think about it...

Have you ever blamed someone else for the way that you are feeling? Someone 'has caused' an emotional reaction in you - where you may have said something you later regret or reacted in a way that you now wish you could take back?


Have you ever thought, that if I could just afford that new car I'll be soooo happy and won't want anything else ... you work hard, get the car and in a short time the 'lifelong happiness' is replaced with 'what next'? 

In essence, we are totally responsible for the way that we react to things.

Yes, people can be nasty or behave inconsiderately (which is totally on them) - but we are responsible for what we do and what comes out of our mouth;

Yes, it does feel good to buy something new and shiny, to keep 'up with the Joneses' - but gaining happiness from external sources just won't itch the scratch - it just creates a consumer thought process that you need more and more.

Having this love affair with yourself, therefore, makes you content inside and no longer reliant on that person being nice to you or that new car to make you happy, because you realise that you have everything you need inside you - and always have done.


I'm not saying that being treated well or having aspirations is a bad thing, far from it - I believe these things are essential in life, However, I want you to be in a place where you know that your happiness does not depend on it.  

You can ride life's up and downs with more ease, knowing that everything will pass and that's ok.


On an emotional level, it makes you a much more rounded person, able to understand that others are struggling too and their behaviour is not a reflection on your worth.  


Self-Love therefore is very empowering, calming, will bring abundance into all areas of your life - you attract what put out


Added also has a dramatic ripple effect on all those around you.


Ok, this all sounds great - but how?

Transformational Holistic Coaching

No two clients have the same journey with me, your coaching program will be unique to you and your life.

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So how do we achieve this?

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