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Energy Options


At Raising Vibrations the techniques available could be viewed as a sliding scale of energy healing. From an overall balance of energies with Reiki, working with more specific energies with EFT and even deeper work with EFT Matrix ReImprinting.

Take Joe Bloggs, who is suffering from anxiety but has no idea why: 

Reiki will give his overall energies a chance to start to rebalance and self-healing to kick in, placing him into his parasympathetic state which will relax and calm him.


EFT can deal with the anxiety in the moment to specifically release the associated energies from the body or by working on a specific memory.

Matrix ReImprinting allows us to deeply work in his subconscious to look for the cause of the anxiety and start to change the negative energies associated with it to positives. This will reduce his subconscious stress reactions and remove the anxiety from his life. Further, replacing with positive energies will in turn raising his vibrational energy, leading to more attraction of all the good energies - because like attracts like.

All modalities are stand alone or can be used to compliment one another.  Whilst they are all gentle techniques, Reiki is can be likened to a mind, body and spirit 'massage'; EFT and Matrix require input from the client - the both work with the subconscious mind and more specific thoughts, feelings and emotions in a gentle, non-traumatic way.

Location: 1c Gaol Lane, Sudbury, CO10 1JL (above Alcatraz Hair Salon)


My Reiki experience was amazing during and after, I've felt relaxed and peaceful since, even my dentist (whose appointment was on the same day) commented on how relaxed I was!
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