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Sometimes you just want to do things in your own time or you are not able to fit into other people's appointment schedules.  This is why I have designed my First Step Courses - named after the powerful reminder that you do not need to 'see the whole staircase, simply take the first step'!





When you work directly with me one to one, I would be there to guide you, take out any overwhelm and provide you with the accountability you may need to achieve the most from any course we were working on. 

My First Step courses are aimed to do that, without the price tag of one to one. With a guided program to explain the week by week steps, why they are included and a recommendation as to how often you should use them.

If you are fed up with the usual ways of dealing with everyday battles, then the First Step Programs could be just what you need. 

These courses are 4 -6 week in duration and introduce EFT and other holistic modalities into your life in a consistent and encouraging way to achieve a specific end goal. Some courses require more input than others, and I have created an 'intensity' level to give an idea of time needed to achieve the best results.

Level 1 - approx 1 hour per day

Level 2 - approx 1- 1hr 30mins per day with 1-2 hours per week on tasking

The holistic modalities I work with, (EFT, meditation, affirmations, journalling, visualisation and mindfulness), are used in combination to gradually bring awareness to areas in your life that otherwise may be overlooked, these areas being crucial to enabling you the ability to achieve the goals you strive for.

Each course will include a welcome video; explanation of the EFT basics; EFT script(s) to adapt for your personal use - and video examples; meditation recordings; document downloads etc to support consistency and a 4-6 week timetable which is long enough to allow subtle changes to take place but short enough so you can see the 'end goal' of gaining the belief that you are able to succeed in whatever area you have chosen.

Who are these courses for?

If you are interested in how EFT and other holistic tools can help you achieve outcomes that you have been unable to achieve in the past, then these programs are for you.  They incorporate different ways of dealing with common, everyday issues that so many people experience.

Do I have to complete the course in 4-6 weeks?

No, whilst the timetable covers 4 -6 weeks, these are self-paced programs that you can fit around your life. However, consistency is a huge factor in the success of these courses. Therefore, results are simply achieved by keeping yourself consistent, whether that is over weeks or months.

These courses are packed full of valuable tools, but the key to them being successful is the dedication and consistency you give them. 

First Steps Courses...

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