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Do you remember that cool teacher in school, the one that we wanted to do our best for? You felt clever in their lessons and wanted to be the best student for them, and for you. Lessons were fun and exciting, you knew that they didn't just care about your grades, but despite this (or perhaps because of it) you were like a sponge and naturally absorbed the learnings.

Now think back to the teachers who were stricter, who just wanted to plow through the lesson plan, not have any 'fun' and have robotic students.

The difference in what you achieved was probably immense.

The teachers' energies could either ignite your interest and passion, or switch it off in an instance.  

It is the same with employees, except they are now adults, sometimes with complex lives.

Life in general can be difficult, stressful and busy - but we still need our employees to carry out the job they are paid to do. 

 By supporting your staff in their wellness, you are showing your employees that:


they matter as a person, not just a payroll number;

you understand that 'life' cannot always simply be shrugged off between the hours of 9am-5pm;

you want to work together to create the best working environment for all.

Investments in employees' holistic wellbeing leads to numerous benefits:

reduction in stress;

enhances concentration;

boosts immunity;

prevents depression;

employees who feel respected;

a calmer, happier working environment;

higher and better quality productivity;

less sick days taken, because employees actually want to be at work;

a huge ripple effect in an employee's personal life - leading to an all round healthier and happier person.

Happy Office Talk

Corporate Packages...

We have developed packages to work with Managers and Employees, with the aim of bringing calmness to an individual's energies - thus in turn allowing them to turn up day in day out able to deal with whatever crosses their path that day.

Group Meditation and Breath-work to immediately reduce stresses and place employees into a calmer reality.

Emotional Freedom Technique to deal with individual triggers, in the moment, reducing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, overthinking and so on.

EFT Matrix ReImprinting for specifically chosen employees with deeper rooted issues that affect everyday life - home and work - this can include:

pain with unknown cause;





Reiki sessions - 30 minute sessions to give individuals the chance to start resetting their energies.

Sponsorship Option

Having worked in a school during one of the most stressful times for students, GCSEs, I noticed some of the students were looking despondent, with absolutely no belief in themselves.
It got me thinking....schools have a curriculum to abide by and do not currently highlight the benefits of holistic practices such as EFT, meditation and breathwork; which quite frankly can change lives in adults, so imagine the power this will have with students who are at the beginning of their lives. 
Thus a seed was sowed and I am now keen about raising this awareness in schools, to show teenagers just how much in control of their life they really are, with some simple tools and belief in themselves. 
I would love to team up with companies to enable me to spend time in schools to give teenagers a chance to see how powerful these techniques are, and am therefore looking at establishing sponsorship packages.  If this is something that you might be interested in, please do let me know.

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