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Raising Vibrations
Holistic Vibrational Energy Coach
Tina Gore


It's time to utilise your power within to raise your vibrations and achieve the healthy, fulfilling life you are destined for....

Gain more energy
Upgrade your emotional wellbeing
Create abundance in all areas of your life

Are you....

Struggling with anxiety or over-thinking?

Feeling stuck in life and cannot see how to improve your situation? 

Always feeling run-down, tired or under the weather?

Suffering with constant/regular pain/discomfort which affects your daily life?

Hi, I'm Tina
Welcome to Raising Vibrations


I am a certified 'Life Coach,' NLP, EFT & EFT Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and my passion is to empower people to explore their minds and raise internal vibrational energy to unleash their innate inner healing power. 

My style of working is to holistically bring awareness to the power and connection of an individual's mind, body & soul.

Everything is energy and by working on raising your internal vibrations, you can break down any blockages within and get your energy system flowing freely to its full potential.


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