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12 fortnightly sessions of 1:1 (each session ranging from 1 to 2 hours ) across 6 months

Clarity session to get super clear on your goal/desire for our coaching journey

Learn to invite inner calm into your life to aid your new found clarity.

Establish what is keeping you stuck and work on removing these blocks.

Work on balancing your body's vibrational energy to align you with your true purpose - which is where an abundance of magic happens.

Create an inspired plan of action to achieve your goals and desires.

Guide you to be at one with uncertainty and allow your new found inner shifts to permit the magic to flow.

In addition you will receive:

A 1:1 session with a Qualified nutritionist - to establish ways in which you are able to improve this area of your life;

A 1:1 session with a Yoga Professional - to advise in more detail about how to deal with any energy blocks we come across.


Emotional Freedom Tapping sessions to further help remove any negative energies that may be holding you back.

1:1 What's App support from me throughout our time together, this will help keep you accountable and keep that belief alive that your magic is there for the taking!

Tasks to do between sessions which will support the work we are doing. Whilst these are not obligatory, what you put in, you will get out.

Bonus: 25% off a package of 4 distant Reiki sessions

Valid August - November 2023

Price: One payment of £1700 or 6 x monthly payments of £300

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