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Welcome to the world of Reiki and beyond...

If you feel you want, or even need, to take a step back from a frantic work of instant gratification, constant connection to work and external pressures, and simply stop all the 'noise', it is likely that an internal energy rebalancing is needed. 


Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Matrix Reimprinting are holistic practices that work with your mind, body and spirit. You will discover that working on these energies is a key element on your journey from stress to optimal health.


Everything is energy - from the planets in the universe to the mobile/computer you’re reading this to on chairs that we sit on…and lastly but not least human beings.  It is really valuable to note that it is not just our physical being that is energy, but our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Once you understand this, and realise that you can balance these energies, the world can become a different place!

Please feel free to look around my site and if you have any questions - simply drop me a line!

Tina x

Holistic energy practices work with your mind, body and spirit and can help with an abundance of life's challenges...

Struggles with over-thinking?

Feeling stuck in the same thoughts and feelings and cannot see how to improve your situation?

Feeling run-down, tired or under the weather?

Suffer regularly with constant/regular pain/discomfort which affects your daily life?

Fed up with the same patterns & reactions in your life and you need to break the cycle?

So, why Raising Vibrations? 

When we have low vibrations in our body, they are the heavier, denser energies (such as anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness etc); and we want to raise our vibrations to invite in the higher vibrations - the lighter energies such as happiness, joyfulness, calmness and so on. Therefore, I strongly believe ‘raising vibrations’ is crucial to a healthy body, mind and soul. Once a person is vibrating at a higher frequency, the body's nervous system is more relaxed thus promoting the natural self-healing process within.

My passion is to empower people to explore their minds and work with their inner energies in ways they have never done before; to discover their inner self and ultimately raise their vibrational internal energies to unleash inner healing power.

With gentle, holistic techniques, energy healing is beyond doubt the way forward in breaking through blocks, attracting what we want into our lives and increasing our well-being.

We can do that by working with the subconscious mind, breaking old internal energies and patterns to promote growth and provide freedom from stagnant life issues. 

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Everything is energy, including our inner self, our bodies, thoughts feelings and emotions. Working with our own energy can be life-changing....

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discover root causes of physical symptoms that affect your day to day life;

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clear blocks in energy caused by past events that cause stresses in the body and trigger you into flight and fight mode at the 'drop of a hat';

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work on your limiting beliefs that hold you back from your true potential;

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get your energies vibrating higher, resulting in improved innate healing for better health and outlook on life.


My Reiki experience was amazing during and after, I've felt relaxed and peaceful since, even my dentist (whose appointment was on the same day) commented on how relaxed I was!
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