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Welcome to your world of peace, calmness & feeling in total control!


Opening 21st June in the Beauty Cave, Long Melford

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A gentle but focussed technique to reduce unwanted feelings/emotions in the body.

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Why is my mission?


We live in a pretty frantic world, feeling pulled to be great at X and fantastic at Y, and it can be very difficult to switch off. However, when we do get a chance to 'switch off', we may feel that we are relaxing but in essence a lot of the time we are simply distracting ourselves - and our thoughts and emotions are still ruminating in the background and therefore the body is still in stress.

Becoming aware of your holistic health starts your journey of releasing heavy energies, expectations, beliefs etc. By placing your body into true relax mode, you can make substantial shifts and gain huge insights into how you actually work and what you really need. 

You will feel more in control of you which is, quite frankly, totally liberating.

Ultimately when you raise your vibrations you feel lighter, joyful and motivated, have more peace and serenity inside of you and simply feel fabulous! Physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically!

Further creating a powerful ripple effect that radiates from you.


Hi, I'm Tina and I am a Holistic Energy Practitioner 

based in Long Melford, Suffolk. 

Having seen, and personally felt, how energy healing

has changed lives, I am on a mission to open up the

world of hoilstic energy healing to as many people as

I can reach! It is quite simply incredible. 

Currently, I practice Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix ReImprinting, as well as being a Holistic Energy Coach.

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My Reiki experience was amazing during and after, I've felt relaxed and peaceful since, even my dentist (whose appointment was on the same day) commented on how relaxed I was!
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